Ho Chi Minh

26-27 August 2011

Friday, Saturday

After three other countries we arrived to my final destination: Vietnam. The cars and bikes are on the right side of the road (literally), finally I can use something of my Vietnamese knowledge and eat Pho. Vietnam is one of the five countries lead by communist government. Hungary experienced communism and we know that we never ever want to live in a communist country again. So why am i moving to Vietnam? Well, not the beloved Vietnamese government made me come here, that’s for sure.

Három másik ország után végre megérkeztünk a célországomba: Vietnamba. A kocsik és a motorok végre jó oldalon mennek (értsd: jobb oldalon), végre használhatom egy kicsit a vietnámi tudásomat és ehetünk Phot. Vietnam egy azon öt országból amit kommunista kormány vezet. Magyarország kapott ebből eleget korábban, így tudjuk, hogy soha nem akarunk többé kommunista országban élni. De akkor miért is költözök Vietnamba? Nos, az biztos, hogy nem a szeretett vietnámi kormány vonzott ide.

In this country even the grapes are only red. They are not allowed to be different.

Még a szőlő is vörös itt. Nem mernek más színűek lenni.

Guava, durian, lemon, apple, dragon fruit, star fruit, custard apple, avocado, longan, etc. I love fruits!

We visited the famous War Remnants Museum which showed all the brutality and sin of the US army from the Vietnam War. It was shocking! Very one-sided; it supposed to prevent a new war, preserve piece and showed all the tortures made on North-Vietnamese people and innocent inhabitants. These tortures reminded me the issues in Iraq, when prisoners suffered by the american soldiers, and the things I saw in the House of Terror Museum in Budapest. House of Terror shows all the sins of communism in Hungary. The procedures are surprisingly similar.  So, actually you can stay either on the communist (war not needed) or anti-communist (in war) side, your side will probably use the same tortures on the people to convert them to your beliefs.This makes me throw up.

Megnéztük a híres War Remnants Múzeumot, ami bemutatta az összes brutalitását és bűnét az amerikai hadseregnek a vietnámi háborúban. Sokkoló volt. Nagyon egyoldalú, a célja egy következő háború megelőzése lenne és a béke megőrzése azzal, hogy bemutatja, hogyan kínozták meg az észak-vietnámiakat, valamint ártatlan embereket. A kínzási módszerek több dolgot is eszembe juttattak: az iraki eseteket, amikor amerikai katonák kínozták az iraki foglyokat, valamint amiket a Terror Háza múzeumban láttam Budapesten. A Terror Háza a kommunisták Magyarországon elkövetett bűneit mutatja be. Meglepően nagy hasonlóságot találtam a módszerekben. Így tulajdonképpen állhatsz akár a kommunista (még háború sem kell), vagy az anti-kommunista oldalon (háborúban), a tetszőlegesen választott oldal valószínűleg hasonló kínzási módszerekkel fogja megpróbálni megváltoztatni az emberek gondolkodását. És ettől hánynom kell.

A few pictures from the museum, how Hungarians protested against the war in Vietnam and how they supported the North-Vietnamese movements.

The courtyard is packed with US American weapons from the war.

Az udvar tele van amerikai fegyverekkel, a háborúból.

The Vietnamese way of selling pineapple on the street.

Hogyan áruljuk ananászt vietnámi módra, az út szélén.

The famous Vietnamese traffic.

A híres vietnámi forgalom.


Bali, Lembongan, Ceningan

24-25 August 2011

Wednesday, Thursday

Instead of spending too much time in Bali, which is crowded with tourists, we decided to go to a tiny, charming island, called Lembongan. The cheapest way to go there was to use the public boat in the morning. The funny thing with that is how to get on the boat, because we had to walk a few steps into the water. The waves become unexpectedly high, and my whole short got wet. Including my phone. RIP.

I’ll let talk the pictures.


2011. Augusztus 24-25.

Szerda és csütörtök

Ahelyett, hogy túl sok időt töltöttünk volna a túristáktól megtelt Balin, inkább az apró, bájos kis szigetet, Lembongant választottuk. A legolcsóbb út a menetrendszerint közlekedő csónakkal volt reggel. Ami vicces ezzel kapcsolatban, hogy a beszálláshoz be kellett gázolni a tengerbe. A hullámok váratlanul magasabbra csaptak, így majdnem derékig eláztam, a telefonommal együtt. Nyugodj békében, telefon!

Most pedig hagyom a képeket beszélni.



Bali, beach / Bali, tengerpart

Bali, beach / Bali, tengerpart

Coconut milk for breakfast. / Kókusztej reggelire.

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Jakarta – Two days in traffic jam

22-23 August 2011

Monday, Tuesday

Our lovely Couchsurfing host gave me a list of typical Jakarta food, so I had a mission to accomplish during these two days. Five meals: nasi goreng, soto betami, gado-gado, ketoprak, sate. But first back to the beginning. We arrived on Sunday evening to the airport of Jakarta, where I was prepared to say to all taxi driver: Damri! Damri! – this is the magic word, means the bus to the center. But this wasn’t so easy.

These taxi drivers are no humans. These are wild animals, they do everything to get a customer. Dozens of them came to us giving offers and I kept saying: Damri! Damri! And we kept walking to the right direction. “Taxi? Taxi! Damri?! Ah… Damri?! Hahaha! Damri?! No Damri! Damri finished! Damri, late! Taxi?”

They lied of course, even if it was around 11pm, Damri was still working. Damn, I hate those taxi drivers!

Chicken something / Csirkés valami

Chicken something / Csirkés valami

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Cameron Highlands

20-21 August 2011

Saturday, Sunday

We spent one night in Ipoh (Couchsurfing, totally worth it), and in the morning we took a taxi and went to the bus station. The bus to Cameron Highlands should have left at 8:00 AM, we arrived to the station at 8:01, and at 8:02 we were sitting on the bus with the tickets in our hands. It took two hours to get up to the highlands, including 1.5 hours of serpentine road. It would have been perfect for motorcycles!

Cool weather welcomed us. Despite of the fact that if you want to stay in Tanah Rata, you should book a hotel at least 1 month before, we went to the first hotel and booked a room without any problem. For breakfast we had chicken rice again because it’s so delicious there!

Tanah Rata was a lovely village (I wouldn’t say that it’s a town) where we could go to Chinese, Indian and to Malaysian restaurant. They had delicious Chinese tea, lassi with several flavors,  Indian masala chai, dishes on banana leaves and of course many others. As Billy said: “Asia is all about food.”

Tea heaven / Tea mennyország

Tea heaven / Tea mennyország

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19 August 2011


It was very good to see Billy again. I met him in Finland where we studied at the same university but I didn’t know that time that we are going to visit him in Malaysia and he’s going to be our tour guide, food guide and very hospitable host. Thank you for everything, Billy!

Billy and me

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17-18 August 2011


Our one and a half days in Bangkok was a lot different than we had planned.  We have arrived after more than fifteen ours of traveling to the city what was not as hot as we pictured.  As we were quite hungry, we started to search after some food and making our first mistake. Asking a local taxi driver about good food nearby was not a good idea, so after a few minutes we were sitting in a tuk-tuk heading to a restaurant with great sea food.

Onion, shrimps, and who knows what in a soup / Hagyma, garnélarák és még ki tuja mi van a levesben

Onion, shrimps, and who knows what in a soup / Hagyma, garnélarák és még ki tuja mi van a levesben

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