Day 24: Make a wish and set it on fire!

Ho Chi Minh City

(2479 km)+(270 km)

Map / Térkép

As HCMC is such a huge metropolis, one of the densest cities in the world, it has its cons. In the morning I set the goal to make a private phone call, therefore I needed privacy. Where can I be alone for a few minutes? Tell me if you have a solution!

HCMC egy nagy metropolisz, az egyik legsűrűbben lakott a világon, és ennek vannak hátrányai. Reggel egy személyes telefonhívást akartam elintézni, ezért egy kis magányra volt szükségem. Hol lehetek egyedül egy pár percre? Ha van tipped, mondd! Continue reading


Day 21: Tolerant

Mũi Né – Vung Tau

165 km [bus] (2479 km)+(165 km)

Map / Térkép

As we sold the bikes one day before, we had to take a bus to our next destination: Vung Tau. I knew it before, that I hate travelling on bus in Vietnam, but this trip was even worse than usual.

Mivel a motorokat eladtuk egy nappal korábban, ezért buszra kellett szállnunk ahhoz, hogy a következő állomásra érhessünk, aminek neve Vung Tau volt. Tudtam előtte, hogy nagyon utálok buszozni ebben az országban, de ez a mostani túl tett mindenen.

Wait at the bus station / Várakozás a buszvégállomáson

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Cameron Highlands

20-21 August 2011

Saturday, Sunday

We spent one night in Ipoh (Couchsurfing, totally worth it), and in the morning we took a taxi and went to the bus station. The bus to Cameron Highlands should have left at 8:00 AM, we arrived to the station at 8:01, and at 8:02 we were sitting on the bus with the tickets in our hands. It took two hours to get up to the highlands, including 1.5 hours of serpentine road. It would have been perfect for motorcycles!

Cool weather welcomed us. Despite of the fact that if you want to stay in Tanah Rata, you should book a hotel at least 1 month before, we went to the first hotel and booked a room without any problem. For breakfast we had chicken rice again because it’s so delicious there!

Tanah Rata was a lovely village (I wouldn’t say that it’s a town) where we could go to Chinese, Indian and to Malaysian restaurant. They had delicious Chinese tea, lassi with several flavors,  Indian masala chai, dishes on banana leaves and of course many others. As Billy said: “Asia is all about food.”

Tea heaven / Tea mennyország

Tea heaven / Tea mennyország

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