Day 22: Lesson: tandem is bad uphill!

Vung Tau

(2479 km)+(165 km)

Map / Térkép

I had a try again with sunrise. It was only a bit cloudy, I was almost satisfied! I wasn’t sleepy after, so I went swimming in the sea. I learned something new, though I lost my life almost.

Újra próbálkoznom kellett a napfelkeltével. Megint felhős volt, de csak egy kicsit, így nagyjából elégedett voltam. Mivel már nem voltam álmos, lementem fürödni a tengerbe. Egy új dolgot tanultam meg, majdnem az életem árán. Continue reading


Coc Lake with Nazi Buddha, haha

In October we visited the charming Coc Lake again, but now we rode to the northern side (map), to the Buddhist park. Under the enormous Buddha statue there is a cave, where you can learn how to behave if you want to be a good Buddhist and if you believe, that karma really exists. Then we (Anders, Mr. One, and me) took a boat to a small island, where there’s a 200 years old house, a few pagodas and some animal statues. This is a really nice place to visit from Thai Nguyen, it’s very close and we might can even catch famous water puppetry next time.

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