Day 25: The last day

Ho Chi Minh City

(2479 km)+(270 km)

Tuesday 20th December 2011. Our last day, our last but one morning in HCMC. We craved for some new food and we found it in a bakery in the backpacker’s area. Purple and green cakes made of…. guess what…. rice! Surprise!

2011. december 20, kedd. Az utolsó napunk, az utolsó előtti reggelünk HCMC-ben. Valami új, valami frissítő élmény kellett reggelre, így jutottunk el egy pékséghez a turista negyedben. Lila és zöld sütemények, és vajon miből készültek? Rizsből! Micsoda meglepetés!


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19 August 2011


It was very good to see Billy again. I met him in Finland where we studied at the same university but I didn’t know that time that we are going to visit him in Malaysia and he’s going to be our tour guide, food guide and very hospitable host. Thank you for everything, Billy!

Billy and me

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